Luca Iacono

About Me

A few things about me ...


I love red hair and freckles, don't ask me why, it's one of my idiosyncrasies. I reject the notion that this life should be regarded as a valley of tears. Things in life ought be easy, simple, pleasurable, uncomplicated. Follow the path of least resistance, that's what I keep telling myself. It might entail getting your ego out of the equation. Randomness, whimsy, spontaneity and intellectual honesty are some of the qualities I appreciate in my friends. I love soundtracks. it's one of the best ways to discover amazing artists and inspiring music.


I place great ethical and strategic value on openness, directness and clarity of intents. Enthusiasm, empathy and my natural propensity for negotiation have allowed me to provide operational strategies for creating and maintaining motivating environments. Furthermore, on numerous occasions I have proved to possess effective organizational and time-management skills and to be able to multi-task while remaining calm and professional under pressure.

Interests & Activities

Photography, Music, Argentine Tango, Open Source, Webdesign, Technology, Cinema, English Grammar.

Latest Projects came about in August 2018 and was subsequently released in June 2019. It aims to attract high-end clients looking for a premium service. was first conceived in early 2016 and then realized shortly thereafter. Most of my efforts these days go towards this project, as it's quickly evolving.

Personal Quotes

"No man is an island, and we must accept the instrumental role we are asked to play to someone else's cause. With grace."

"Delega et Impera"

/'ru tər/ or /'raʊ tər/